In Memory


Linda Goodman


We received this tragic news from Linda's husband Don this morning August 15, 2005. Linda accompanied us on the Celine and attended our party at Bay Watch last October 29th. She was a fun loving spirit and will be very missed.

Hey guys: it is with overwhelming sorrow that I must
tell you that Linda was in a terrible auto accident
yesterday and died instantly. She left our cottage in
upstate Pa. to come to NJ for a bridal shower at 8:30
am and got less than 30 minutes into trip when an
armored car hit her right in the drivers door. We are
totally in shock at the suddenness and I wasn't
informed until almost 10 PM last nite. Therefore I
will not be coming to St. Maarten this fall. Linda so
enjoyed all of you guys. Think of her in your prayers.
Thanks, Don


May she rest in peace and may God Comfort Don and the family.