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This page is where I will try to share some of the insights and joys I have learned in Naturism. It will eventually have links and some FAQ's as well as some articles that I and others have found helpful.

Posted 5/2/2017 A new article I just discovered in the Journal of Happiness Studies Naked and Unashamed: Investigations and Applications of the Effects of Naturist Activities on Body Image, Self-Esteem, and Life Satisfaction  

A great introduction to naturism at Club Orient from the perspective of Willy, the long time bartender at the Perch can be found Here. If it no longer is there check this link instead: Willy's Interview.

Another introductory article I'd like to share is an article called Bathing Beauties. A teenage girl and her friends learn the radical concept of loving their bodies by Anna Schnur-Fishman

Another article I'd like to share is called Nudism Fosters Healthier Individuals.  Written by David Manning, it was published in the North County Times serving San Diego and Riverside California.

This is a comprehensive article with footnotes and bibliography that are very helpful.  205 Arguments for the Support of Naturism by K Bacher.

A timeless letter from Pam Johnson written more than 50 years ago to women thinking about trying Naturism. Women & Social Nudity

Another great brochure on Naturism from a Woman's Perspective.

TREASURE OUR BODIES AS A PRICELESS GIFT: An article from the Winnipeg Free Press, November 05, 2005 by Karen Toole. Karen writes eloquently about the body image issues that have been raised by the recent Dove commercials as well as another "Calendar Girl" fund raiser that featured some mature women.

The Art of Nudity - How to Feel Good In the Buff by McGill student Melanie Herscovitch. 

The Accidental Nudist - A story by Spud Hilton of a first trip to a naturist hot springs resort. If you can not find it there, try Here:

Senator Leahy's Famous Letter to Dear Abby about Skinny Dipping in Vermont.

Children,  Social Nudity and Scholarly Study by Mark Story. This article addresses some of the major concerns about nudity and children. Taken from the Canadian Naturist Federation site. by Aviva Rubin, a  freelance writer for the New York Times Parenting blog. Aviva shares her journey parenting two boys and their experience with family nudity. The comments section of this story is quite good with some great links to other resources and articles. One person even included a link to my own page here. If for some reason you can not find it on the link above, try this synopsis: Naked With Children

Nudist Kids - Is Nudism Good for Children - here the writer Felicity Jones on the Young Naturist America site explores some of the research on nudism and children. If you can not find the article there. Try this synopsis: Nudist Kids

How to Introduce a Friend to Naturism: Located on the Canadian Naturist Federation

What A Naturist Should Do When Child Protective Services has concerns about Nudity and Children; This article appeared in the Canadian Naturist Federation Magazine. It covers some of the legal aspects of nudity and children and what you might want to know if your local Department of Families and Children has concerns about your naturist lifestyle.

Kahil Gibran, a favorite author of mine who wrote The Prophet wrote "On Clothes"

The Individual and Naturism, by James Dodge, Catholic Priest and companion of Thomas Merton. Jim's very thoughtful article on some of the moral and religious dimensions to Naturism.

A great article that asks about the moral dilemma that our nudity might create if we offend some one. By Paul Hazelden of the British Naturism Society.  The link is here: The Real Moral Issue.  If you can not find it there try HERE

Daniel went on a nude hike with a female friend and discovered Naturism. A wonderful story and even more wonderful poem Daniel's Story

Steve and Jeni tell their story of how they got started as a nude couple. Steve and Jeni's Story

EB, a topless waitress discovers a different definition of beauty and respect through Naturism: Her Story

Paul's outlook toward life and beauty was transformed when he joined a naturist club outside of London, England. His letter

Photographer gains self-esteem from social nudity: Mark's Story
By Mark Schuster - The Chart (College Publisher Network) October 14, 2005

Christopher Elliot wrote a wonderful article about 5 Myths of Nude Vacations. (Christopher Elliott is National Geographic Traveler's ombudsman and a nationally syndicated columnist who specializes in solving your travel problems. Got a trip that needs fixing? Send him a note or visit his Web site. Want to sound off about a travel related  issue? Try visiting Elliott's forum.) Thanks to Emily and Bob for referring this article to me.

My body - My Self   A Spiritual Reflection on Naturism

A wonderful article shared by permission from the author.

Brooke's Story,  Originally presented in 3 separate postings on another site This is a wonderful story about the ongoing journey of a woman by the name of Brooke into naturism and deeper body acceptance.  Brooke's Story Shared with permission by the author of the story, "Brooke".

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