The Sapphire Beach Club and Resort

A RCI 5 Crown Timeshare resort on the Island of St. Martin, French West Indies

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We purchased our unit at the Sapphire on the secondary market from a Classified add on TTOL. For any one considering purchasing a Timeshare on SXM buying on the re-sale or secondary market is the route I would highly recommend. You can purchase a unit for a fraction of the cost of buying directly from the resort. We selected the Sapphire for 3 reasons. First it has survived all the hurricanes of the last 10 years without major damage. Second it is within walking distance to Cupecoy. Last but not least, those Jacuzzis on the balcony looking at the Caribbean just make for a nice way to end a perfect day in paradise. The marble bathrooms, granite countertops, ample space all contributed to our decision as well.

We think we got a great deal. For the price of staying 5 days at Club Orient, we got a 99 year deeded 1 1/2 bedroom sleep six unit at the Sapphire. Upon purchase we converted the unit to the RCI points system and with that as our home resort we now get preferred booking using the points from all the other units we own around the country. Since we rarely need anything bigger than  a studio for the two of us, our larger units convert to more nights of stay using the points. An example is the week in our normal unit converted into 9-10 days worth of stay at the smaller deluxe studio across the hall. Our four weeks of timeshares in RCI equal 6 weeks of stay using the points. An additional bonus is that with points you do not need check in on a Saturday or Sunday, but can do it by the night. Since we travel mid-week in order to save $ on air fare, with points our accommodations now match with our travel schedules.

Our typical unit is a deluxe studio with Ocean view in the third tower (the newest). We love the marble floors and view from the balcony, and especially the Jacuzzi overlooking the Caribbean sunsets. Our trip in October 2004 we were able to walk right out onto the beach in front of the Sapphire and walk in both directions quite a distance. No need to walk over to the other coves on Cupecoy for some beach time. We enjoyed the beach the way we always do down there and felt very comfortable in doing so. Thanks to Barry and Sharon for letting us know that it was possible to do so.

Deluxe Studio bedroom

Kitchen in our 1 1/2 bedroom unit

Bathroom with marble everywhere

View from the balcony

Jacuzzi overlooking the Caribbean

Can it get any better than this?

The beach wall at the Sapphire

From some of our trips


First Sunset from Sapphire balcony

Saba and Cruise ship from the Sapphire balcony

Sunset from Sapphire

Interesting Crusie ship from Sapphire balcony

Sapphire living room

Sapphire bedroom

Sapphrie tub

Jacuzzi on the balcony

From our January 2004 trip

Balcony at the Sapphire with Jacuzzi in the background

Looking back at the bed in the studio unit at the Sapphire

View from our living room in Jan 2004

Living room at the Sapphire in 2004

The Sapphire and Cupecoy Beach Club over Cupecoy Beach

Near by Cupecoy Beach

Cupecoy beach just a short walk over fromt he Sapphire which is in the backbround




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