A Night at Tabba Khady

with Philippe and William

Important Note! Tabba Khady will close as af Dec. 15, 2007. Do not attempt to call or make reservations. If and when Philippe decides to reopen I will make an announcement here and on TTOL. Currently Philippe is Executive Chef at Captain Olivers and you my find him there.

On our very first trip to St. Martin we met two of the most hospitable and friendly people we have ever had the privilege of knowing, Philippe and William. Their restaurant at The Summit resort was highly recommended, the sole reason we booked our stay there and in 2001 we were terribly disappointed to learn that the new owners of the resort had asked them to leave. However, there was light on the end of the tunnel, for we discovered that they had opened a new bakery and restaurant on Billy Folly Road, across from the Atrium. We found them our second day and soon the Village Baker became one of our homes away from home. It was the place where we ate every breakfast, bought tasty delights for our snacks on the beach and desserts for our nights when we ate in. Each year our friendship grew and we treasured our time with these two delightful men.

Philippe and Williams  took us under their wings and gave us their personal recommendations of places to shop,  places to dine, places to find quiet and places to get those one of a kind photos that a photographer like me covets to learn from the locals. They went the extra mile giving us their personal cards with names of waiters to ask for, always with the advice, "tell them Philippe and William sent you." Those words of introduction brought us smiles, great service and tales of mirth as other restaurateurs shared with us their favorite Philippe and William stories. I will never forget William's sage advice the year we shared that we were going to try a clothing optional cruise. With deadpanned face and concerned eyes he said that "it was very important that you not burn anything that you might want to use later".

You can only begin to imagine our complete dismay in January 2004 when we discovered that they had sold The Village Baker and moved away from St. Martin.

But all was not lost. They returned in late 2004, purchased a place to stay in the Oyster Pond Region and opened a new restaurant, Tabba Khady, (which means Bon Appetite in a North African dialect). We did not discover that fact in time to visit them during our trip to the island in  January 2005 so for this trip in 2006 a stop at Tabba Khady was on our must do list.

It is located right in the heart of Oyster Pond Village next to the Epicure Food Mart that is at the bottom of the hill coming down from Captain Olivers. 



We attempted a couple of times to stop in but they are not open during the day and another day we stopped  was a Sunday, which at that time was their day off. (I think they are now taking Wednesdays off instead). As time flew it came down to our last night on the island and we invited 8 friends to join us. From our days of eating Philippe's delightful desserts and croissants that rivaled the best on the island, we knew we were in for a treat but even with such high expectations, Philippe and William surpassed them all!

When you arrive at Tabba Khady you are seated around on a covered deck that surrounds a pool with a fountain in the middle. There are pleasant little nooks where a private dinner for two can be enjoyed as well as a larger deck area where we were seated as we were joined for this culinary feast by our friends Larry and Janice, Butch n Kelly and Kevin and Suzie.


The larger dining area taken from the other side of the pool and water fountain

One of the more private nooks located along the deck.

Suzie, Kevin and Larry in the back ground, Janice, Regina and Kelly by the table

Regina enjoying the fine French breads

Janice, Suzie and Kelly

The whole crew taken by William

Regina, Butch, Kevin and Larry


Our treats started off with some fine wines recommended by William. It was followed by a course of appetizers that delighted both the palette. and the eye. I had a chicken that was flamed in Cognac. Regina had Vietnamese Spring Rolls with a delicate sauce that had a touch of fruit and maybe some mint.


Sauteed sliced chicken breast rolled and seasoned in a variety of spices, flambe with old dark rum and cajun honney on its bed of garden fresh greens.

Deep fried quartet of pork and vegetables Vietnameese egg rolls, fresh mint and nuocman sauce.

Broiled fresh sliced tomatoes covered with goat cheese and fresh mozzarella over a pita bread, homemade balsamic and basil vinaigrette.

Fresh crab meat salad, vietnameese style, with young fresh vegetables and aroma of green mint.

After giving ourselves some time to rest the palette and enjoy some more wine, William and Philippe brought in our entrees. What a sight. Each dish was sampled by all and we all exclaimed that each dish so delicious that it was difficult to not want to have a taste of them all! I had a seafood bisque with a sauce that was so light that it just tickled the tongue. Regina had pork tenderloin in a peanut based sauce. 

Steamed grouper filet over a fresh basil cream sauce, served with a mediterranean zucchini squash layered with tomatoes, pesto and black olive puree.

Broiled ribeye steak gratinated with "Norman" camembert cheese and its legendary Calvados sauce.

Spicy grilled Tuna steak Provencal style toping a compote of tomatoes, egg plant and red peper with Louisiana Cajun flavors.

Mix of Scallops, jumbo shrimps and catch of the day, slowly simmered in a creamy saffron potage, steamed young potatoes and garlic.

Pork tenderloin Senegaleese Mafe style, smothered with tomatoe peanut butter sauce, fried yams and crispy lentil papadum bread.

Sauteed Tilapia filet with fresh ginger, red pepers and soy sauce, yam french fries and crispy lentil papadum bread.

After dinner we enjoyed some Godiva chocolate liqueur as well as two shared desserts.

 Philippe and William came out and joined us for some conversation and sharing stories. They shared that this restaurant is going exactly the way the like. Small enough to allow intimate experience with the patrons and the food. Somewhat off the beaten path it is becoming a place where the local people come to enjoy a moment of rest and delight. They only sit about 28 to 30 people at the very most and that is the way they like it. (For those of you watching your budgets, we enjoyed a culinary repast second to none that night at a fraction of the cost of what you might pay over on the strip at Grand Case.  We spent for all  8 of us what Regina & I almost spent last year for just the  two of us, and that included before dinner drinks and wine! Great food, great company and great price, how can you beat it?)

The menu is below!

Page 1 of the menu

Page Two of the Menu

I hope that you too will stop by and experience one of the treasures of St. Martin. If you do, tell them that David & Regina sent you!

Bon Appetite!

Important Note! Tabba Khady will close as af Dec. 15, 2007. Do not attempt to call or make reservations. If and when Philippe decides to reopen I will make an announcement here and on TTOL. Currently Philippe is executive Chef at Captain Olivers and yoy may find him there.